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In an effort to implement appropriate COVID-19 precautions, our offices are currently closed to the public. While our field operations are ongoing, our office staff are working from home with access to network, teleconferences, and phones.

We wish you all health and resilience during this challenging period.

Why work with PBI?

Your interests are protected by a dedicated representative who shields you from project record keeping, document processing and task tracking, which frees you to focus on your core business. We involve you in the decision process in a manner that most effectively utilizes your time and resources. You choose your level of involvement.

PBI helps owners realize
cost-savings in several ways:

  • Formation of the RFP (Request for Proposal).
  • Evaluation of submitted proposals.
  • Input during the design phase.
  • Guidance in the creation of a realistic budget.
  • Expert insight on the project timeline.
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“With Peter’s construction and legal background, you can’t even document all of the savings that PBI brings that are essentially second nature. It’s just standard operating procedure for PBI. This adds immeasurable value throughout the entire project.”
Lawrence Mirabal, CFO, Institute of American Indian Arts

Meet Peter Brill.

Peter is the only owner’s representative in Santa Fe and the surrounding area who is both an attorney and contractor.

Having a legally trained and experienced person as your representative at the negotiation table preempts many issues that could become problems. Acknowledging this dual expertise, the American Institute of Architects and the Association of General Contractors have called on Peter to serve as a resource.

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While some clients contract PBI for comprehensive services from land use and design through construction, many turn to PBI for specific, distinct scopes of work.

  • Professional Services Selection

    Design Development
    Project Delivery Options and Recommendations on Contracts
    Master Planning and Programming
    Site Planning and Land Use (including historic designations)
    RFP Creation and Proposal Evaluation
    Bidding and Evaluation of Bids
    Permitting Requirements
    Utilities Analysis
    Feasibility Analysis
    Constructability Reviews
    Budget Estimating and Verification
    Procurement Planning
    Risk Analysis

  • Construction
    Project Management
    Value Engineering
    Scheduling and Phasing
    Project Inspections
    Pay Application Verification
    Accounting Compliance
    Quality Assurance/Control
    LEED and Sustainability
    Punch Lists
    Project Close-Out Review
    Warranty Issues

    Other Expertise
    Conflict Resolution and Mediation
    Construction Forensics
    Expert Witness Testimony
    Post Occupancy Evaluation

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Let's talk about your project.

Most owners cannot, or don’t want to, oversee construction themselves. We involve you in the decision process in a manner that most effectively utilizes your time and resources. You choose your level of involvement.