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PBI is an independent expert construction consultant We act as an agent for our clients in  the design and construction industry.In performing our work, we are guided by one overarching goal—to ensure that you are getting everything you need and expect in a project.
Perhaps your organization is about to undertake a large and complex project, but none of you has the time or the expertise to monitor all the players and stages involved. We will ensure that your wishes (and best interests) are safeguarded.If you are an experienced designer or builder, you know the value of having someone you trust to administer contracts and monitor contracted conditions, leaving you free  to do what you do best.• Or maybe your project has hit  a difficult point, and you need someone to help you get past it and on to your goal. Whatever the project, and whatever part you play—architect, builder, owner, developer, investor—we represent your interests and yours alone.


To discuss your project’s needs please call Peter Brill at 505-795-7807